The following images should never be sold under any circumstances.

The following inserts were not completely done by me. In most cases they are the works of others and simply re-sizes or changed to fit my "Classic-Shock" theme. Credit is given to the original creators.

Art of Fighting 3 - Credit: Big Bear

King of Fighters 95 - Credit: Big Bear

King of Fighters 96 - Credt: Big Bear

King of Fighters 97 - Credit: Hinge

Last Blade 2 - Credit: Blaine

Metal Slug - Credit: Big Bear

Metal Slug 3 - Credit: Jhendrix & Big Bear

Money Puzzle Exchanger - Credit: NEO LIVE

Neo Turfmasters - Credit: Big Bear

Ninja Masters - Credit: Buttasuperb

Rage of the Dragons - Credit: Big Bear

Real Bout Special - Credit: Big Bear

Waku Waku 7 - Credit: Jhendrix

World Heroes Perfect - Credit: Big Bear

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