nick_th_fury's homebrew insert site - Came into the scene with a purpose! One of the first sites to host Shock Box inserts. The site has not been updated in awhile with new inserts but everything is still online. Nice selection of inserts by several peo ple all in one page.

Big Bear's Shockbox Insert Site - Creator of the "Shock-Box", Big Bear, hosts this steadily growing collection of inserts. His goal: To have an insert made for EVERY MVS title released! That's a bold statement and he's well on his way! You will also find a lot of my original works here as his site was my first home. There are inserts from other members here as well.

Kazuya's Shockbox Inserts and MVS labels page - Kazuya has been in the game for a long time and has been a great resource of information when it comes to Neo-Geo games. You'll find yet more insert choices including a cool boxset for King of Fighters series. My KOF2k3 boxset insert was first featured here. You'll also find some templates to make your own MVS labels and Cart Stickers! Another great resource.

Buttasuperb's Insert Site - neo-geo.com forum member, Buttasuperb, hosts some of his inserts. Probably has the best version of SVC available. Good stuff here, check it out.

The Video Game Museum - This site hosts a large collection of AES insert scans. I don't think its updated anymore and people stopped submitting scans but could serve as a nice resource. Some of my US game inserts were submitted and are here.

Tiptoniums Big Happy Funtime - Forum member and technical mod, Tiptonium, host several of his shockbox inserts along with a alot of information. Check it out. If you want to get to the inserts: from the main page Video Games/ Neo-Geo/ Projects will get you to his goodies.

Icez's Inserts - Hosts about 12 or so inserts including a hentai version of Kof98 (not for the kiddies). Check it out, more choices.

Neo Live - French site hosting a few inserts including Money Puzzle Exchanger as well as cart stickers. I think the inserts here are sized to fit into the snap-lock cases but can be easily re-sized.

Billkwando's Insert Scans - THE FIRST SITE to offer people inserts of any kind for their Neo-Geo collections! This was a pleasant discovery as it hosts some scans of some really rare games. Scan quality is not top-notch and the site seems to have been abandoned. I am currently in communication with Billkwando and hope to get a nice collection of his high-res scans of old and new titles. Interesting read here too as his site was to defy the greedy collectors unwilling to share scans of their games. (Same thing going on today).

Le Geek - Just starting out with creating shockbox inserts but I think it wise to keep an eye out on this guys work. Judging from his first insert, Puzzled, there will be more to come.

Onefortheride - Originally a contributor here at Classic-Shock, Onefortheride has broken off and made his own site filled with his collection of inserts, reviews and other great content!


Neo-Geo Forums - If you want to know what's going on with inserts, the Creative forum here is where you want to be. It is my headquarters as well as Big Bear's. Besides inserts, there is a lot of other great content dealing with neo-geo and beyond. Do yourself a favor and take a look now.

SHOCK BOX - Here it is, the home of the Shock Box. Great information dealing with printing inserts is located here. It was my primary source of information when I first began this adventure. What is a Shock Box? Here's where you find out.

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