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Special thanks go out to Blaine for creating the leaves and screenshot design for the back. He also completely re-drew the logo. On this version I added an image to the background and "The Way of the Blade" portion of the back. I carried over his bamboo border theme to the front.

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Heres an alternate version of the insert with the bamboo border taken out and more traditional. The back now has a story discovered through my searches on the net. It is probably taken from the manual but I am not sure. It is in gold and set deep in the back. There are a few images also inserted from the manual at the bottom and mid-right of the back.

File1 - File2 - File3 - File4

What your basically seeing from these variants is the evolution of my mind. As I finished one I would come up with something else. I kept the story from the second variant but put it on a scroll and "aged" it or at least tried to give it an aged look. You have 3 choices, I hope one of them suits your needs.

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